Crestmore Pty Ltd
A short path to the finer things in life..

Did you know..
As a small family business Crestmore appreciates the importance of offering you a more personalized level of support. 

Office :

Crestmore Pty Ltd

PO Box 199

Turramurra NSW Australia 2074

Warehouse: 28 Salisbury Rd, Hornsby NSW 2077.

Phone: (02) 91441833


Monday to Friday

9:00 to 16:30 (by appointment)

Out of hours by appointment


By appointment


What we stand for..

We at Crestmore strive to offer not only class leading products, we also take great pride in our level of customer support, whether you are a long standing customer or someone new to the world of refined audio.

While there will always be a slight element of bias toward our product line up, we firmly believe in recommending what meets your requirements and assisting you in making the most informed decision. 

As we know word of mouth recommendations are not easy to get but carry significant weight, and those familiar with Crestmore know that we endeavour to do everything necessary to back up the great reputation we have achieved.

Our Showroom

Our offices in Hornsby while a bit out of the way, afford us the room to be able to put together just about any configuration of products we offer to fit within a selected budget, and make this space readily available during office hours or by appointment after those hours / weekends to spend time with you doing this. 

Our main focus is to offer an opportunity to hear recordings by your favourite artists better than you ever have before, and no doubt new elements of those recordings previously hidden from your ears.

Having a passion for all things Hi Fi and Home Theatre our showroom started out as an office, but quickly evolved into a much more inviting room.

A room that we welcome you to visit and introduce us to something new within the wealth of music available, and share in that moment of revelation with you.