Cyrus 8XP

A very understated and very conservatively rated 70W stereo integrated amp, with this model offering 6 analogue inputs it also comes with the option of being upgraded with an internal DAC and then expanding further on that with the QX DAC to make the most of the engineering that has gone into making this small form amplifier sound convincingly bigger than its power rating suggests. Features include input naming and offset adjustment, as well as the ability to distribute what's plugged into it to a second zone independently. 

Available in Quartz Silver finish for $1,600

Cyrus Stream XP

The range of streaming products from Cyrus all offer the ability to access a world of music and portray even low bit rate streams with surprising presence, connect them up to your network accessible storage filled with your favourite tunes and again a revelation in the detail these units are able to extract. Built in also are the necessary bits to access your iProducts library of music when connected via the USB input, and able to be controlled via an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with the Cyrus Cadence app this unit with its high performance pre amp acts as the heart of a very enjoyable sound system.  

Available in the Brushed Black finish for $2,400  

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