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An amazingly well appointed range of speakers that need no introduction, but for those new to the many benefits of European engineering, welcome to quadral. The ranges are many and varied, however the meticulous nature of our friends in Germany see's quality at every level, with superbly well refined cabinets that house quadral's own concept drivers, and cross-overs that make those drivers interact perfectly with the cabinets and your room environment. These elements all come together to deliver what is staggering performance at the top of each models league.
German design, engineering and assembly at its best, with the Aurum line of prestige speaker products from quadral. With many years of high quality audio engineering firmly in quadral's grasp, the Aurum range is built with a no compromise approach. The Flagship model Titan VIII a demonstration of the pride that goes into every product, with its perspex insert located in the rear of the speaker showcasing the calibre of components that go into making these commanding speakers sing..